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Here we go!

This is my first blog post ever! Get excited.

So how did I get wrapped into doing this thing anyway? Well, I am an Admissions Ambassador on campus, which just means that I work in the Admissions office here on campus. On my first day of work, 8am on Monday morning of week 1, my boss gave me a tour of the office. As she was introducing me to all of the staff, she mentioned that I am from out of state.

I’m from Wisconsin, people. It’s only two and a half hours away, which is the same distance as everyone from the Chicago Suburbs. But Wisconsin seems like a distant, far away place when everyone is from Illinois. I like being an out-of-state student at Augie though. It sets me apart and I get flaunt my Packer, Badger and Brewer gear!! Remember when the Packers beat the Bears in the NFC Championship last year? That was a good day. 🙂

Anyways, one of the staff members told me I should be a student blogger because I am from out of state. Recruit other Wisconsin people and such. So here I am!

I just finished a crazy week at Augie. It was week 5, so midterms for us trimester types. I’m feeling relieved after handing in a paper and a project this morning, and have had a pretty chill afternoon. Now all I have left is a midterm on Monday! And a whole lot of other stuff…I swear, it never ends! But that’s ok, that’s what I’m here for. To learn and such. 🙂

I’m leaving in a little bit for my first regatta of the year! A regatta is a race for crew, which is a sport in which you row boats. I joined the club team on campus last year as a freshmen, and love it! I mean, the 5am practices are rough, but there’s nothing better than watching the sunrise on the Mississippi River and feeling accomplished after a good row. Anyways, we’re off to Des Moines tonight for the races tomorrow! It’s going to be a beautiful fall day (and it’s officially fall now!) and I’m looking forward to the racing environment immensely. Wish me luck!

This is a picture of me rowing last year in a women’s novice (freshmen) 8 (eight people in a boat). I’m the second girl in yellow from the right. 🙂

This has been kinda fun. 🙂 I’m looking forward to the future in blogging. Hopefully someone enjoys reading it. Until next time! And here’s a song for you to enjoy. 🙂

05 Rock & Roll




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