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First impressions mean more to me than anyone could ever surmise. It’s incredibly difficult to simply write this first post and be done with it; it must display a personality and a physique of its own! It cannot be drab and dull, you know? When you take someone whose eccentricities must not fail to be new and interesting for each day, the same must be applied to her work, and this includes blog posts. But I digress! Finally I shall make my debut into the world of Augie Blogging (yes, at 3am because I never sleep), and I truly hope to make it an enjoyable experience all around, for both the reader and the writer herself!

To start with the actual introduction: My name is Marlena, and I am, obviously, a freshman here at Augustana. I plan on double majoring in Spanish and MJMC, and being involved mostly with writing  and literature with music on the side, though all of this is so tentative and subject to change. In my free time, I usually lounge around Cool Beanz for hours and write poetry and prose. I’m in the fencing club as well; I’ve simply held such a fascination for the sport since I was a child.

I’m an artsy student by nature, and I lean towards exercising the imaginative brain rather than the logical one (hence how terrible I am at mathematics). I’ve been involved with choirs for nearly nine years now; currently I’m in Cantilena Augustana, and it’s so intriguing how familiar I am already with half of the literature we’re singing. One of the pieces happens to be a song from my sophomore year that I did, admittedly, want to forget about, but alas! what will be, will be.

Tomorrow I shall continue when it is not quite so late; my mind grows weary, you see, and my day tomorrow is going to be rather exhausting! I shall conclude with a picture I drew that I always keep propped up on my desk by my fan:


(That is a rice field that she’s standing behind, yes.)

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