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In case y’all didn’t notice, it was BEAUTIFUL today.

And it’s days like this that sometimes just scream for skipping out on a bit of homework and risking tardiness to go out and enjoy it.

So I did.

My frandy fraaaand Alex Blust and I scooted off on an impromptu bike ride downtown between classes this afternoon, finding this awesome little shop called “Teranga House of Africa Boutique”, a Senegalese shop on 3rd avenue. They have all sorts of authentic, traditional West African things from clothes, to hats (that actually fit over my hair) to hand made incense, to all natural soaps. It’s a real cool place to visit.

While I’m on this topic, there are all sorts of really awesome places to explore in the Quad Cities. For those of you who think that this area is the doldrums, oh how wrong you are. Here are some suggestions from me:
Theo’s Coffeeshop: This neat little coffeehouse downtown Rock Island has amazing coffee and a really great vibe. Every once and a while there will be an “open stage” night, where anyone can come in and perform anything their heart desires.
Rozz-Toxx: This is another coffeeshop in Rock Island, but what makes it stand out from the rest is the fact that it has CEREAL. Yes sir, treat yourself to some Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Lucky Charms while you sip your Vietnamese Coffee. If the term “hipster” could be physically embodied by a place, this is it.
River Music Experience: Situated in downtown Davenport, RME includes a museum dedicated to the rich musical history of the Quad Cities Area, the Redstone Room where there will often be live music, and Mojo’s coffeehouse where you can stop in on Wednesday nights from 6 to 9 for a wonderful open mic night.
Schwiebert Park: This new little gem is right on Rock Island’s riverfront. It has gorgeous views of Davenport and the Mississippi and a large bandshell for live shows. It also features fountains in which one may frolic.
Riverbend Antiques: For those of you who like to muse over aged and weathered objects, this place is for you. Spanning three or so buildings on Brady Street in Davenport, Riverbend Antiques is less an antique store and more an antique maze. It’s simply magical. Don’t miss the owner, a real groovy man straight out of the 60’s, and his be-dreaded dog Jazz.
The Davenport School of Yoga: This place is right next door to Riverbend Antiques. Feeling stressed after a long, grueling week? Free yoga (froga) every Friday at 5:30 is perfect for you.
Sylvan Island: Right on the border between Rock Island and Moline is Sylvan Island, an island park on the Mississippi that has been converted from a steel plant to a nature area. Seeing how trees have completely taken over huge concrete foundations is awe inspiring.


So please, take some time to get out there and explore. There’s a lot of real cool stuff hidden out there.


Stay classy, as always,


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