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Rooming with my Best Friend

When most people heard that my best friend and I were to be rooming together, all I got as a response was an unenthusiastic ‘that’s nice’ or an ‘aren’t you guys going to get sick of each other?’ Personally, I was so glad to be able to experience something completely new with someone that I could trust. It never once crossed my mind that it would ever cause issues within our friendship. We’ve been friends since early sophomore year and aren’t the type of people to let petty things get in the way, usually. I had minimal doubts initially, all which dissipated after the first week or so.  Of course, we’ve had our issues while being here. It’s hard going from having your own room, bathroom, and space to living in a closet-sized room with another person…and having to share a bathroom with a bunch of girls (who sometimes don’t know how to clean up after themselves). Our main issue so far has just been getting annoyed with each other. We respect each other’s space and things and have no problems with cleaning up after ourselves—things that seem to be the biggest problems between roommates. After ten minutes or so off annoyance and awkward silence or some time apart everything goes back to normal. Overall, having someone familiar with me during the first week or so of adjusting to Augie life really helped.


 Half of our things, the other side of the door was also filled with our stuff, ridiculous,  huh? We did get it all organized though… pretty much nothing went home with either of our parents! The picture on the right was taken from our door. Our beds are bunked (huge space saver!), one desk is on the right, the other on the left (with the tv on top). I love this room, even though its tiny.

So far, I’ve had a great time, even on the lazy days that entail some homework and a movie night. We keep ourselves ridiculously entertained with stupid jokes that only we understand and are there to help each other to study for Greek (by the way, hardest class ever!). To anyone that has said rooming with your bestie is the “kiss of death” has been proven wrong (thus far, in this particular case…haha, even though I’m not doubting a thing). Rooming with someone that I know has made the process of turning Augie into my home that much quicker.

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