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The Sky Bridge

Location: River Drive, Davenport, IA
Price: Free

Perhaps one of the most popular, well known Quad City treats for us Augie students is the illustrious Sky Bridge located right across the Centennial Bridge into Davenport. It’s sort of a surprise that such a place would be considered some big destination to get to, and for me to simply explain to you the wonders of the sky bridge would probably leave you still feeling baffled. After all, it’s just a bridge – and it doesn’t even function as a bridge.

Let me explain this wonder to you to the best of my abilities: The bridge is in the downtown hub of Davenport. It’s right along the riverfront and to get on the bridge, you need to take an elevator up. Once on the bridge, there is a ray of a multitude of lights. Sometimes they change continuously in a rainbow pattern, careening towards you and making you feel like your in a vortex, and other times, the lights change slowly. Morphing from yellow to orange, then to pink to red, thus leaving you in suspense as to what will be the next color to grace your eyes.  Like I stated before, the bridge really isn’t much of a bridge. it doesn’t connect from one building to another, it doesn’t take you across the river. It’s just a bridge, floating in the air, with random changes in colored lights.

Now I know what you must be thinking: what’s so great about a bridge? To be honest, it really is a mystery to me. However, like most other Augie students who have been, I love the bridge. I don’t know what I love about the bridge, or why it’s so fun taking pictures there. What I do know is that whenever we come up with the bright idea to go, I get extremely excited, as does everyone else in the car. You just get this great big pit of excitement filling my stomach as I cross Centennial Bridge and can see in the distance the flashing lights of the Sky Bridge .

If you ever get the chance to go, I bet you’ll feel it, too.

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