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Random Compliment Day

Time: September 19th, 9pm-ish

Location: Seminary Hall (mostly)

Narrator: energetic and a bit dumb as a result of a long day

Generally I don’t pay attention to made up event invitations on Facebook, but today was a definite exception.

Since arriving on campus, I have befriended a lovely young lady named Audrey. She frequently gives compliments on traits most people pay no attention to, like the shape of a person’s ears or defined jawline (as an artist, she naturally notices these details). Oddly enough, this habit rubbed off on me and now we bombard innocent people with seemingly nice observations together.

When I stumbled upon Random Compliment Day, I knew we would have a BLAST.

And we did :]

Ok, I went most of the day totally unaware that it was Random Compliment Day. Fortunately, I complimented people anyway on things like their snazzy boots and shiny hair.

When we both returned to our dorm, we found some people and started chatting with them in the hall. In between subjects, I told one of the CAs that his voice reminded me of a beloved cartoon character, then another resident on the shape of his nose. These compliments continued with whoever walked by. After a couple more people, we decided to bother a group in a nearby room: one guy on his broad shoulders and likeness to a duckling/bunny, his girlfriend’s clavicles, another guy on his laugh and lion-like face, ending with a bet that the 3rd guy was a real cute kid (or as Audrey put it “well pretty much all black babies are cute!”)

After all this, we came to the conclusion that we may never be able to establish normal friendships with anyone we talked to on the evening of Random Compliment Day. She may be a bit worried, but I’m quite stoked about it :]

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