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Heh, Fall.

The colors of the leaves change, and that warm air gives way to a cold breeze that chills you to the bone. The nights come sooner, leaving that comforting sight of daylight behind and dead. Many see this as a nuisance; that cold weather is upon us. Walking in the darkness, feeling the chill of the night against my skin I couldn’t help but feel giddy though. Because I know that Halloween approaches, one of my most favorite holidays.
With Halloween Horror Nights finally opening up at Universal Studios the “haunt” season has officially begun. It’s officially time to start stocking up on those horror movies and getting costumes in order. For a few, like me, that’s been going on for some time now. The haunted house I work at, High School Massacre (in Port Byron, which is run by the creators of Fright on 5th) officially opens up this Friday from 8 P.M -12 A.M. I typically start getting ready for my rolls two months ahead of time, but now is crunch time. And I’m uber pumped, hoping and praying that this week goes by quickly so that Friday can get here.
Fall weather… the cool air, the dead leaves, all of it… puts a smile on my face.

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