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Fashion Inspiration

A tip for coming up with a chic outfit is taking inspiration from different sources. Sure you can look at fashion magazines and they are helpful with keeping up with new trends but you have to look at other sources. One of those sources is other people. A great way to get inspired is to look at what someone else is wearing and judge them. Now, when I say judge them I dont mean give’em the stink eye and say in your head “what-the-hell-were-you-thinking,” no..not that. Instead, fully evaluate their outfit and figure out how you would change it for the better. And from there try to replicate the outfit (not exactly) adding your own personal style.

The following web site is one of my favorite sites to draw inspiration from. Looking at what other people have done and seeing whether or not it can work for you. Overall, awesome place to see what average every day people are wearing.


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