A window inside life at Augustana College

WOW! My first month in a nut shell.

Wow, a month ago today I moved into my room. I live in Seminary Hall and this month has been amazing.  A lot has happened so I think maybe a quick recap would be nice. I have joined STAND/Amnesty, Circle K, Emerge, Lower Campus Council, and a few other great groups. I have met a great group of people through living in my dorm (Seminary is pretty cozy and tight-knit), groups, and classes. Every day I do something different and learn something new. I have been able to go to a minor league baseball game, participate in a high ropes course, and watch a documentary about the Invisible Children in Africa fighting as child soldiers. But, of course, I had to do some real world things too. I have had to wash my own laundry, clean my own dishes, and generally keep myself organized.

This week will probably be just as crazy as the ones I’ve already had. Meetings, classes, class work, tests, and of course time with my friends will occupy about 99% of my days. I have learned to prioritize, and sadly sleeping more than 6-8 hours a night has not been a priority.  I have been too busy having fun and learning and experiencing everything that Augustana has to offer!

I hope everyone has a great week! I will write again soon!

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