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Ive Never Been Happier to Wake Up In My Own Bed

I opened my bleary eyes at around 11:00 this morning, to a cool, peaceful, dark room all to myself (my roommate slept elsewhere last night). I instantly sensed that it was cloudy and raining outside through the open windows, my favorite weather. I had slept wonderfully, after not having been able to sleep this late or this much in nearly two weeks. Also through the open windows and the rain, I subconciously registered the church bells tolling out beautiful tunes from down the street… And thus, my perfect morning came to be. So peaceful. This was one of those moments that happen every so often that make me just love Augustana. The sounds of campus life float in through the window and (rather unfortunately) through the walls. My friend Lauren was only a phone call away to go down and have breakfast with me. Ive never been happier to wake up in this bed right here, on 3I in Westerlin. So if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll close my eyes….

Maroon 5- Sunday Morning

Maroon 5- Never Gonna Leave This Bed

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