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Singing Christmas Carols in September

Life is like singing Christmas Carols in September, once you get going it’s hard to stop. Augustana has been chilly and windy since the last heat advisory was lifted. Such dramatic changes prompted me to burst into random Christmas Caroling last weekend, and this has significantly influenced one of my dear roommates, it’s contagious. She even went out and bought hot cocoa at Hyvee, (the kind with the mini marshmallows in them!)

Contemplating on Christmas draws me to a particular memory in high school when I volunteered for the local food pantry through my church youth group. One of the head workers told us how they have a surplus of donations during Thanksgiving and Christmas time but a shortage during September and October. With the rising cold weather, I encourage you to keep this in mind and ask your local food pantry about their needs. Giving is important, and I know that you might feel like all you do is give to others, but a life lived in service to others is described by some of our greatest leaders as the most fulfilling type of life to live.

Anyways, like I previously mentioned, life is like singing Christmas Carols in September, once you get going it’s hard to stop. This is true with anything. Smoking, political rants, binge eating, binge drinking, reading a good book, etc., there is something habitual in our lives that we all do, sometimes it’s the elephant in the room, and sometimes it’s just a hobby.

I’ve noticed a few things that have been hard to stop since I have been here…

  • Posting Post-it notes. They’re everywhere on my desk telling me what to do.
  • Going to bed after midnight. My sleep schedule was odd to begin with, but I seriously need to go to bed earlier.
  • Moving. Every hour or so when I am reading or studying for some reason I have to leave from the Library to go to the Erickson Lounge to go to my dorm to go to Cool Beanz

The adjustment to college has been difficult, but now that it’s going and I have a routine and I have come to the realization that it’s not going to slow down, I can’t just stop the routine, that would be like trying to part the Red Sea. It’s a good thing to move with life, because it doesn’t stop and it will be hard to catch up if you fall too far behind. But this isn’t to say that taking a break once in a while is a bad thing, you just have to find your balance with getting ahead of yourself and lagging behind. This is where weekends, extra-curricular activities, and sleep come in handy for college students. All are great and wonderful things in their own unique way.

Until next time,


Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better.  It’s not.  -Dr. Seuss

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