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A Roommate Love Story

Being in college for a month, I’ve seen and heard about just about every type of roommate pairing possible–the former high school classmates, the random pairing that turned out pretty well, and then there’s the people that I wonder if they played a guessing game with the bubbles on the roommate personality surveys.  I, however, am convinced that I am in the best possible roommate situation possible.  I figured that since this is my first blog, I should tell a story that is pretty essential to my life here at Augie.

Karly and I!Enter Karly–my roommate and best friend.  Anytime someone asks how we became roommates, I warn them that it is a fated love story so touching that Nicholas Sparks only wishes he could buy the rights to it, so prepare yourselves.

In January, I attended the Departmental Open House and Scholarship Competition here at Augie.  I mainly stuck around a few fellow Elementary Education girls, and at the end of the day, we traded names so we could hunt each other down on Facebook… then there was Karly.  I like to say that she was a loner.  She wandered over to my “group” and said that I should add her on Facebook too.  I, being a complete Facebook addict, followed through.  That night after she accepted my friend request, I noticed that we had some pretty cool things in common–we were both Student Council Presidents, we had extremely similar music taste, and we even attended the same drum major camp the summer before.  So being my social self, I open a chat window and told her all of this.

The rest is history.

The very night we met, we basically decided that we had to be roommates–we literally felt like long-lost twins.  Every little personality trait and interest seemed to match up, and I am still convinced she was my best friend from day one.  Before college even started, I roadtripped to her house once and she drove to mine twice, even on my 18th birthday.

Now, she is my roommate.  And although I’ve only lived with her for less than a month, I feel confident when I say that I couldn’t haveKarly and I at the open house in July!
met a better person to call my best friend.  I am my complete crazy self around her every minute of every day, and she somehow still
associates herself with me.  She knows almost everything about me already, and I rant to her about way more than she probably wants to know.  Most of my favorite moments of this first month have involved her, and she has heard every little detail about my not-so-favorite ones.

I must end this novel of a love story (eat your heart out, Nicholas Sparks) to go fulfill my job as an Admissions Student Worker, and after I’m off of work and Karly’s out of class, we will be  carrying out our post-class Friday tradition–singing horribly off-key and dancing around the room to Glee‘s cover of “Friday.”

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