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I love sunsets. A lot.


This is courtesy of Ms. Danielle Hollis’s gorgeous lake house views.

I’m new to this blogosphere, so there may be a few glitches here or there I need to fix. It’s a learning experience.

It feels like fall. It’s even started to smell like fall, which is something significant. Soon it will be the time of fiery leaves, cinnamon smells, warm sweaters, warmer drinks, and the warmest company. Sure, the temperature will probably fluctuate many more times, jumping back up to 80 again before consistently settling down in the crisper region of things. I can’t wait.

I don’t really know if I have a favorite season. I suppose if I had to choose it would be Summer. There’s just something about the season; the warm nights, the outdoors, the sunsets, the drives with the windows down, the green everywhere, the ability to be barefoot all the time, the kissing weather, my birthday, etc. that makes it gorgeous and special. But, when it comes time for a new season, I find myself awaiting it quite impatiently. It’s all about the changes. The first cool day, the first turning leaves, the first snowfall, the first buds on trees, on and on and on; all of these are such exciting events that a new season is always the best time.

I find myself becoming far more nostalgic now than usual. It may have something to do with how many emotions Fall carries with it. Fall term last year was not an easy time, getting adjusted to the college life and workload was taxing, both emotionally and physically. I mean, seasons have always carried with them a specific feel, but this is a bit different. I feel that Autumn may bear some “residue”, if you will, for a while at least. Not in a bad way at all, last year there was so much going on and so much changing as to make it extremely noteworthy. And so, there’s so much that reminds me of this time. Smells like the inside of Carver (I did Cross Country last year) or songs like this one by Dr. Dog:

Heart it Races

Anyway, in this spirit of nostalgia, here’s a picture of me from last year:

Peace out





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