A window inside life at Augustana College

Confessions of an Augieholic.

At this time last year, when most seniors were thinking about what college they would
apply to, the only thing on my mind was homecoming. I would have never imagined
coming to Augustana, to be honest I didn’t even know about it! It wasn’t until
a family friend mentioned to me that I should apply that I knew of its existence.

So I applied without knowing anything about it, got accepted, and the acceptance
letter sat on my desk for weeks before I actually started to look into this
school. I immediately got a good impression and decided to visit. I can
remember my first visit perfectly, it was March 30th, and it was
raining the whole day! I didn’t let the rain ruin my visit and went home super
excited. I immediately knew Augie was right for me. Two weeks later, I came
back and paid my deposit.

For some reason, every time I visited, I liked it even more. For the last two
months of high and all summer, all I could think about was Augie! I guess that’s
why I had a little bit of inspiration on my last time baking at home before
school started. 🙂

These past four weeks have been great, I fall more in love with the school each day, and I
can’t wait for what is to come in the next four years!

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