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Chasing Elephants in Zimbabwe

Life is like chasing elephants in Zimbabwe, the faster and harder you push yourself to chase after the elephants, the more difficult the task becomes. This sums up my first month at Augustana. My name is Ashley Wolfe. I am a first year here at Augie. Throughout the next four years I will hopefully have done a few things for you…

1. Given you valuable advice on life. Yeah, that’s right–I like philosophy and I Google cheesy motivational quotes in my spare time, get stoked!

2. Given you valuable information on what it is like to be a student at Augustana College. Feel free to comment, ask me questions, whatever you need to know about Augustana I can answer, and if I don’t know I will find someone that knows. You will learn a lot about Augie through this blog, but I don’t know it all.

3. Given you a good laugh. We all need one, it’s good for the soul. I have a lot of dry humor  in me so if you don’t think it’s funny, well…

Here is some basic info about me.

Majors (this week): English & French

Minors (this month): Economics & Religion

Activities: I am currently pledging APO (Alpha Phi Omega) a national co-ed service fraternity, Politics Club, Interfaith Understanding, Circle K, Emerge, Hall Council, Cantilena Augustana, Camp Kesem, and Colleges Against Cancer. I am the Collegiate Council Ambassador for the March of Dimes (MOD) at Augustana and I am trying to create a group that will raise funds and advocate for MOD on campus. I am probably leaving out a few.

  Outside of Augustana I am a Girl Scout Troop Leader, a volunteer for the Dixon Petunia Festival, a member of the Lee County Genealogical Society, and I am a Lee County Emergency Preparedness Volunteer.

  1.  Random hobbies of mine include:

1. Contemplating on the meaning of life

2. Listening to 17th century choral music and film scores on Pandora

3. Google-ing cheesy motivational quotes

4. Facebook creeping my younger siblings back home to keep up with their shenanigans

5. Sleeping

6. Volunteering


Classes I am taking this Fall:

HONORS 123 (Logos): Exact Thinking Math AKA Applied Epistemology

POLITICAL SCIENCE 170: Global Perspectives AKA Introduction to International Relations

FRENCH 301: Composition & Conversation AKA Composition et Conversation

As you can see, I like being involved. College is different. College is demanding. All of the groups in which I am involved are amazing organizations and I hope that I can continue to remain involved in them, but I have to remind myself that school is the main priority. I have high aspirations in life. Goals are important. These next four years are important. I would like to go to Graduate School overseas either to St. Andrews, Cambridge, or Oxford. While this might sound ridiculous, it’s true. I want to make a difference in the world. I have a plan but the most important part is acknowledging the inevitable fact that this plan will change. Sometimes I might have to speed up when chasing the elephants, sometimes I might have to switch it up to a brisk walk, but I will get those elephants eventually!

There are so many more things that I would love to ramble on about in this single post, but I have four years to do that, plus I need to get started on the 70 pages of reading for Logos due Friday. Until next time faithful followers!


To live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else.  -Emily Dickinson

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