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Learning How To (Not) Fail

So this is my first blog post, yay! It is the Sunday before Week 5 starts which I’ve come to learn means being busy, busy, busy! Even though I only have three classes, I have no free time. I am inundated in homework (most of it for my Logos class.) Other than classes and homework, I have been trying to get involved in many activities: WAUG (listen to Keeping it Current: Fridays @ 11am!), SAFARI, MPB, Latinos Unidos, Emerge, Circle K, and Augustana College Democrats. All of this adds up to a lot of coffee drinking and late nights, which are to be expected for a college student. However, one unexpected consequences is that, for the first time in my life, I found myself actually somewhat struggling in a class.

That class is Chemistry.

Up until now, school always came easy for me. I hardly ever studied and almost always got good grades. In high school I only took a semester of Intro to Chem my freshman year and one year of regular Chemistry my junior year. I did pretty well in both classes and I didn’t have to work very hard. I thought college Chemistry would be a breeze.

I was wrong.

Part of the problem comes from the fact that I have a hard time staying awake in class (due mostly to fatigue). Part of the problem comes from the fact that I have forgotten most of the basics. Part of the problem comes from the fact that I never really grasped some of the basics (like significant figures). Part of the problem comes from the fact that, because I’ve never really struggled in class before, I was cocky and didn’t think I had to work hard/takes notes/ask for help.

I’ve now realized that I do have to work hard: taking notes, studying, reading, and asking for help.

I’m just glad I learned this early on. I’ve been getting bad grades on the homework but I’ve gotten some tutoring and have been studying and I know hope that if I continue to do that I will do decent on my first exam on Wednesday. So with that, I will finish my first post with a little advice:

“If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask for it!” -common sense

I’m going to study now.

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