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Italy blog #2

Bonjorno from Roma!!!

Hello all! Finally have access to the internet again, so here’s the short version of what we’ve been up to-

Venice- gorgeous, took a tour of a historical palace that had beautiful art and had a little time to explore the city, shop, and eat, before hopping back on the buses to go to prepare for our concert. The people there were sooo happy to have us and gave us each an anniversary pin for the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy as well as 16 bottles of wine made in the town for the band to share- yay!!!

Florence- Took a tour of the city- my favorite part was seeing Michaelangelo’s “David” statue (and not just because he’s naked…heehee). Also scored some cute shoes that I’m planning on wearing to graduation. (Don’t ask how much they were, mom and dad)

Lucca- toured this medieval city where many of the ruins from ancient buildings have been transformed into stores and houses- a nice mix of old and new. This is also the city where Giacomo Puccini lived. We are playing a band transcription of a Puccini piece, so that was extra special for us. We received a standing Ovation right after this piece (although it was not the final piece) and each were given a certificate that we played Puccini in Lucca. Cute.

Roma- Drove here from our hotel in Montecatini this morning. We got to tour the Coliseum (just as cool as you would think) and then the Roman Forum. Makes me wish I would have paid a little more attention in my World History class. O well, that’s why we have our History Ed majors with us, I guess. We had a lovely dinner tonight and are headed out to the Vatican tomorrow and down to Naples and Pompeii on Saturday.

The band has been having a lot of fun learning a little Italian (emphasis on the little ) and trying it out on the locals. The trip has been a perfect mix of touristy areas and smaller towns and our concerts have been very well-received. Well I would love to write more but I’m at a public internet station in our hotel and I’ve got quite a few band members wonering why I’ve been on here so long. I’ll be sure to write more when I get home and post some pictures!!!

Love always,

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