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Spring Break 2011: We’re all O”K” to go…

Hey Guys-

So, fresh off my Blog-Off(once again, thanks for the help on that one Katrina), I find myself standing at the door of Spring Break.  Obviously, this is my last Spring Break of my College career, so how am I spending it?  By schlepping down to Appalachia for a week and descending into chronic poverty.  Sounds Fun!  But really, I’m leaving with 63 other Augustana students in just under 21 hours from now to head down to Frakes, Kentucky for a week to help out those less fortunate.  Yup, it’s Mission Trip #4!  Anyway, I feel that this trip is significant in another way as well.  As anybody who knows how to read a map would know, there are just 2 states in this great Union that start with the letter K.  Those two states are Kansas and Kentucky.  Now prior to this year, I had never spent good time in either state(while I had never set foot in Kansas, I did spend two nights in Kentucky[one night in Paducah in 2003, then one more night in Lexington in 2005]).  However, that all changed this year.  Back in September, I got the opportunity to go to Kansas for a weekend to partake of the annual Prairie Festival as part of a group led by the great Jason Peters…(there will be an entry on that forthcoming…), and now I am receiving this opportunity to go down and spend a week in Kentucky.  Now in reference to my comment about this being Mission Trip #4, let me elaborate.  I have done this 3 times before as well:  In 2005, I went to North Carolina with my church Youth Group, then 2 years later in 2007, I (sans Satan) went down to Georgia with the same Youth Group.  Then 2 years after that, in 2009, I went with 46 other Augie kids down to Mississippi to help with Katrina relief.  Anyway, depending on whether or not I can get to a computer and If I feel like it, I may be writing more entries throughout the week, we’ll see what happens.  I just wanted to check in now and tell you guys what I’m doing the day before I leave…

See you all later!


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