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Senior Moments

No, not the kind where you accidentally wear two different shoes out of the house in the morning and don’t realize it until lunch time!

I’m talking about little events that have been happening in the last few months that remind me how far I have come in the last three years and how short a time I have left at this school.

Yesterday 9 of my CSD classmates and I gave our final presentations for our senior inquiry projects. We have each been working very hard on an extensive research essay on a topic of our choosing. One of my classmates studied the best ways to teach literacy to children with Down Syndrome, one studied different treatments for individuals who have dysphagia (difficulty swallowing), one did a case study on a child with suspected childhood apraxia of speech, and I did mine on diagnosis of neurogenic communication disorders. After our papers were written (some reaching 50 pages and beyond), we each put together a presentation on our topic and presented them for our CSD faculty, classmates, friends, and even some family members. Needless to say, it has been a pretty demanding project, but I think all of us are proud of what we did!

Looking back on my first year or two here, there is no way I could have pulled off a project like this. Looking at what my classmates and I were able to accomplish makes me realize how much I have learned in the last four years. My research skills, writing skills, and general level of understanding are just so far beyond what they were when I graduated high school that it is almost impossible to describe in words.

Here we are after we finished our presentations with our professor, Dr. Jakielski!

Going through this experience with these nine other incredible young women was a truly amazing experience. We were all in the same boat and everyone was always so supportive of each other. We were willing to help each other out when we got stuck and always available to listen to each other when things got frustrating and we were about to give up. They have been such an incredible support system and I was honored to be able to stand up with all of them yesterday and show off what we have done in the last ten weeks.

Thanks for an amazing term, ladies, I am so proud of all of us!!!

<3 always, Katrina

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