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The Liberal Arts

I never thought I would say this, but I actually like the liberal arts system at Augustana.  Coming into college I was a little unsure about how the liberal arts system was going to work.  I thought that I would have to take all these random classes that had nothing to do with my major and they would be pointless to me.  I was so gun ho about medicine that I didn’t want to take a class in any other subject because they didn’t seem to interest me.  Then last year when trying to figure out a class to take in spring, I enrolled into a business class thinking I may want to do it someday down the road and I am so happy I did.

Ever since enrolling and taking that business class, I have not stopped thinking about the business word and all the possibilities out there.  When I was little and up until last spring I was 100% sure I was going to be a doctor, and now that has all changed thanks to the Liberal Arts education I am receiving here at Augie.  If it wasn’t for that I may have went into something that wasn’t actually what I was called to do.  I now know that because I have never enjoyed taking class more than I do this term.  I actually like going to economics and learning about how different things affect the market and learned about how the accounting books hold so much power behind the business.  I even switched my major completely and am now majoring in Business, Accounting, and Economics (if I can fit it in) instead of medicine and without the liberal arts and our freedom to choose our classes I might never have found what I really loved to do.  Thanks Augie!!!

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