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So much time and so little to do…wait, that’s not right…

It’s already the end of the first week of senior year, and it flew by just as I was hoping/afraid it would. Whoever said senior year is a breeze, clearly did not attend Augustana College in my situation. I’m starting my senior civic engagement, which is the speech comm senior inquiry. We have to research a social issue that we are passionate about, find how to apply it to an organization or business in the area, and then make change or enhancement for that business. My project revolves around homeless teenagers and domestic violence, and I had the good fortune of picking up a lovely store right off the bat. I am working with a new second-hand store that is dedicated to giving women from less than desirable situations a second chance. The store will sell inexpensive business clothes to these women so that they have the opportunity to get a job. The proceeds from this shop then go to helping homeless teenagers. Most of the research that I have done up until this point has been on nonverbal communication and the effects of physical appearance in the work place for men and women. Unfortunately, women have a significantly lower chance of getting a job if they are not dressed to impress. I have had the luxury of having business clothes so I can follow my dreams, and I thought that this cause could not have come to a more fitting speech comm student. Stay tuned to see what is going to happen with that!

On top of my full course load, I have started yet another internship this year. Eric Page (the Eric Page) and I have teamed up to boost the enthusiasm and recognition of Augustana sports! It is a sports social networking and communications internship, so it’s primary base is on facebook and the school website. This seems to be the perfect internship for me to end on. My job is to be Erin Andrews, but with brown hair. It’s not an easy feat to accomplish, but I do get to hang around jocks all day and watch sports while using my creativity for a living. On a totally unrelated note, everyone should become a fan of Augustana Viking Athletics on facebook so you can watch the crazy stuff that we have planned. It’s a good time.

That has been my week in the tiniest nut shell you can imagine. I’m still trying to figure out if there is anything I could possibly cut out to make my load any lighter with school in session, clients rolling in, AD’s starting up, and my jobs ruling my life. It’s not an easy decision, but I may have to stop going to classes. Until next time!


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