A window inside life at Augustana College

A fall back into reality.

Well, the first day of my last year has officially concluded. I realized on my way to my first class that I have gotten all the wiser, but not all the less clumsier or rushed. After falling up the stairs in front of about 20 students I promptly texted my family and friends about my failure as a walker. Out of all of the replies, my father’s rang the most relevant and helpful: “Dangit! Slow down.”  His reply to my text said it all. I need to take the time to enjoy this moment in my life despite the fact that I clearly don’t even have time to walk to class.

My schedule is the most busy that I have ever seen it. I have always enjoyed filling my schedule with resume builders and great activities, and this last summer has been no exception. I worked as a marketing intern for the Putnam Museum in Iowa. It was a great experience and I was able to try event planning on for size and meet a lot of really amazing people. I also got my first real job!  I will still be working for a State Farm agent in Moline as a marketing consultant. The office is more like an awkward dysfunctional family than an actual office, so naturally I fit right in. The people there have made me feel very welcome and we all get along great. I’m still looking into having MTV capture some of our footage, but no bite. I have been offered a position there for after college, but we’ll have to see what direction I take. Summer meant a lot of hard work for me, but I suppose it’s good practice for the real world.

Now that school has started, my schedule has only gotten busier. I’ve now taken a sports social networking and communication internship with Eric Page. Look for us on facebook! It sounds like it is going to be the most amazing job I have had yet (which is saying a lot, considering I am addicted to getting jobs). Another student and myself are becoming the Augustana sports personalities and making sports a bigger part of the campus and the Quad Cities. Sports, marketing, and making others feel uncomfortable; I don’t think I could find any three things that make me happier.

Through all of this I’ve found happiness, but I’m also trying to pick and choose what can stay and what can go. Falling up the stairs may have been some bizarre reality check. “Dangit! Slow down.” My Dad never tries to sound like a profound man, but he always seems to be saying the right thing at the right time. If there is one thing that he has taught me, it’s to enjoy life and to always do what I want to be doing. That’s why I’m here at Augustana College finishing my senior year (yikes!) in the first place. He always tells me that I need to go where I want to go and do what I want to do, and that we can figure out the rest later. Even though he doesn’t know what his words mean to me, they’ve always stuck. Senior year has promised to be the best year yet at Augustana, and I don’t want to miss any of it because I wasn’t paying attention to the next step. So listen to Mr. Mullin’s words of wisdom and slow down, dangit! Let’s do 2011 right!

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