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2010: What a year!

Just in case you didn’t notice, I haven’t made an entry in this for 4 months…  So, in the spirit of starting the new year on a good and punctual note, I’m writing this entry now…  There is a lot that has gone on since the middle of August, so I’ll just try to say it in as few bullet points as possible…

-I left Shedd after the summer to go back to school

-I started my Senior Year of College

-I helped out with the Congressional campaign of one Bobby Schilling(and he won!)

-I capped off my final Homecoming Weekend with Phi Mu Alpha taking the Grand Championship in the Cardboard Regatta(after taking 2nd in the Rope Pull(with RHA) and 3rd in Sing(with Phi Mu Alpha))

-I saw the new Harry Potter movie in theaters

-I went down to Kansas(more on that later, it may even get its own entry…)

-Came back to Shedd for the 3 weeks I was on break, and today, January 6, is my last day.

Other than that, nothing too major happened since August…  The big reason why I wanted to do an update though, was because I wanted to kick off 2011 in style, and just say that I intend to write in this more in my (gulp) last 5 months here at Augie…

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