A window inside life at Augustana College

Summer 2010!

So it’s August already of my first summer of college!  I never thought I would hear myself say this but I am ready for school to begin.  It seemed like in high school I could not wait for summer.  I would have baseball and get to hang with my friends on a daily basis, but now in college it’s totally different.  All of my friends went home for the summer meaning that I would have to drive hours to hang with them.  The friends that did stay here, like me, have jobs that require us to get up early and work all day.  It’s a totally different type of summer once college begins.

I’m not saying I did not have my share of downtime this summer though.  The good thing about being a college student, at least in my case, is that my parents are fairly lenient on my rules.  I was able to go down to Florida for a week with some of my friends and just relax.  It was awesome!  I was also able to go up to Minnesota for a few days and camp and fish with my cousin, which was a blast!  So as you can see, this summer has been a good mix of fun and work but I am definitely ready to go back to school…..It still get me every time i say I’m ready to go back to school ha ha

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