A window inside life at Augustana College

I think I made the right choice anyway…

     Okay, so this past Thursday and Friday my sister Marie ran off to East Lansing, Michigan for her orientation at Michigan State University.  When she got back on Friday night, she was telling us all about her days there and what they experienced, while my mother was complaining about the idiots who were at the parent meeting.  Some of the lowlights from the questions she heard.

  • “Can I pay extra money for my kid to have their own personal bathroom?”
  • “Are there going to be any panty raids?”

     And then the most absurd (and frankly, quite disturbing) question was:

  • “Can my kid bring their gun into the dorms with them?”

     After laughing at these random smatterings of stupidity, I started to look over the packet of information that Marie got during Orientation.  It all of a sudden started to strike me just how much stuff there is to do at MSU.  Now I know that this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to me given that I’ve always known that 40,ooo people go there.  In fact, I went up there for a day last July to accompany my sister on a visit there, and while I was there, I was thinking to myself “wow, this place is huge!”…

     To tie this all back into the title, I should tell you that while Augie may have been the only school I applied to(which was probably rather foolish looking back on things), it was not the only school I visited.  I took a tour of NIU in August of 2006, and I remember thinking to myelf at the end of the day, “This is really big, I’m not sure how I feel about this…”.  I actually have never really doubted whether or not I made the right choice of college, but it is nice every once in a while to recieve a definitveley positive affirmation of the validity of your choice…

     In other news, Shedd is going great, this morning when I got into work there was fog rolling out over Lake Michigan and the view was breathtaking.  I got a picture of it on my phone, but unfortunately, I can’t transfer the pic to my computer, otherwise it would go up here.

     Well, I have to get around and get ready to go on post, so I hope you all have a great day, and good morning from Chicago!


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