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How do I get involved on campus? What can Augie offer me?

When I first came to Augustana I knew that I wanted to be involved with organizations, club, athletics, etc. However, where do you start? The first couple weeks of any college are going to be hectic, regardless of where you go, and many opportunities will arise in a short amount of time; it is not possible to absorb all that information, but we can prepare ourselves as best we can.

Begin by familiarizing yourself with your surroundings; an abundant amount of opportunities are available at your disposal through marketing (fliers, table tents, osa website,  students, etc.). Augustana constantly markets events and important information via email. The typical student, including myself, goes through the 30-40 emails a day, and then deletes uninteresting or unrelated emails without viewing material inside. While this is convenient and better than never deleting emails (I have a friend that has over 3,000 emails unread in his mailbox :/ not good), I suggest that you take a little more time and attempt to scroll through emails. In addition, if you want to get real fancy and organized, play with the tab function and organize emails into files. This is extremely beneficial, especially the more involved you become.

Next, at the beginning of the school year there is a program called Fall Connections, which divides the incoming students into small groups and does various activities for 3 days. This is done to familiarize incoming students with the campus, and to ease the change into college. Many students skip out on these events for whatever reasons, but I highly recommend that any incoming students attend these sessions. The peer-mentors are leaders on campus and have knowledge on how to become involved.

Use all available resources!

If there is one thing I cannot stress enough, it is that be open to change. I came into Augie working for food service, then as an athletic recruiter, followed by the admission office, now I’m working for the Office of Student Activities. I had no idea what or where I wanted to work, but if you keep an open-mind and be yourself… everything else will fall into place.

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