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My Ridiculous Friday

I don’t even know where to start. This day has just been so weird and I feel like I need to write about it to even wrap my head around everything that has happened.

So my morning started off pretty normal. I get to work (a little late, alright) get settled into my desk, turn my computer on get my coffee… normal. Then all of a sudden there are like 3-4 strange men in my office that I have never seen before and they’re taking the computer and all kinds of stuff from the empty cubicle next to me. I realized (after just being really confused for awhile) that they’re IT guys moving equipment around, but causing quite a bit of commotion in the process. I figured out that there must be a new person moving into that cubicle today since they were working to fast to get it set up. I have kind of enjoyed only having to share my 4-person office with one other person, but I can’t do anything about it.

I decide to escape the madness for awhile by going to visit my research assistant, June, in her office. I wasn’t here all day yesterday because I was shadowing the SLPs at Texas Children’s, so of course I peek my head into her office with a HUGE smile on my face and give her a big hug and tell her how much I missed her. And she proceeds to tell me I should be a TV character. Now you have to understand that at this point, I’m feeling great. I wore a dress to work today (ran out of clean pants and didn’t want to do my laundry) so I’m feeling sexy (sexy as in confident, empowered, looking good, not sexy as in looking for some action during my lunch break). June compliments me on my outfit and shoes, and lets me talk about how much fun I had observing and volunteering at Texas Children’s yesterday, which I just love because she gets just as excited about everything as I am. We’re almost best friends if you can’t tell. 😀

So anyway, after a lovely chat with June I skip back to my office where I discover that the new guy is here. But its not just any new guy– its the RA of our dorm at Rice! He was working somewhere else in my department, but just got moved offices today and randomly he’s with me. Which is kinda awkward because we both know that we know each other, but not well enough to really acknowledge it. The only real encounter I’ve had with him in the past was when he sat next to me at a lecture and I found out he was gay because he told me that when he’s bored during lectures, he checks out guys. Fair enough.

So after sending out a mass email to the Augustana group explaining my current situation (they all know this kid, too, and I knew they would find it entertaining) I get to work. I had to prepare some things for a meeting with my mentor and add words to the GRE vocab wall I have created in my cubicle and then it was time for the meeting. Pretty uneventful except that my mentor is kind of out of it because she just got back from a weeklong conference in England so she was kinda jetlagged. Our meeting is a little rushed because we have ANOTHER meeting at 1:00 with the collaborators from UT Austin. I ended up having about 15 minutes to eat my lunch before running to make it to this meeting. As I’m hurrying from my office to get to the meeting, I see June and she says she’s on her way to the bathroom to check her teeth before the meeting. Perfect, I was just wondering if I had mac and cheese on my face. I’ll join her. So we run to the little girl’s room, do a quick appearance check, and hurry to this meeting.

Here’s the scene: Me and June arrive (looking good, of course). Also in attendance at this meeting is my mentor (still not all mentally there, but keeping it together very well), our primary collaborator from UT Austin who has brought her 4 month-old baby (ADORABLE), the plastic surgeon who is working with us on this project (looks almost exactly like George Bush [pre-presidency] [did I really just use parentheses inside parentheses?] but without the questionable motives) and the senior research nurse from plastic surgery who is rocking the showchoir bump-ponytail despite her slightly advanced age. Props, senior research nurse! There are also two reasearch assistants from UT (biomedical engineering people, I think)- one is some variety of Asian and one I think is Indian and they are trying to figure out the conference calling/Skyping/whatever technology that I don’t understand. Quite a diverse group of people so I’m really excited for this meeting (now keep in mind I’ve had the giggles all day)(and I’m still feeling quite “sexy”). The meeting itself was pretty fast-paced and included interjections by the baby every now and then as well as random sounds coming from the computers and phone. But anyway. Everyone got to see the pictures of me that we took as sample pictures for our head and neck cancer study, most of which were pretty decent but in one I was blinking and looked kinda stoned so I had to hold in the giggles. And we also looked at the logos for the study which reminded me of the time I edited the logo to include pictures of me and June. holding in more giggles.

Finally the meeting wraps up and June has to run down and take care of some things with the other research assistants and I needed to do some other things for her really quick so I come back to office and my new officemate is listening to THE BACKSTREET BOYS. omgsh. It took everything in my power not to lose it right then. I have been back in the office for less than an hour and already the playlist has included more Backstreet Boys songs, some kind of Indian pop, “I Don’t Want No Scrubs” and other classics. All of which he sings along with. My other officemate and I are just really confused but, eh, its entertaining.

So that’s my day so far. I’m going to head out pretty soon because I need to get in a workout before we venture out to a Ghanaian restaurant for dinner tonight (discovered by the 2 girls on our trip who recently returned from West African term) which should be delicious. Hope y’all have a wonderful weekend and look forward to hearing more about the adventures from the office soon!

Love always,

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