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One week- what a FEET!

Its been a crazy first week–we’ve been busy doing all kinds of fun things and my poor feet have taken a beating because of it!

The last night Dr. Storl was here, we went out to eat at a delicious Guatemalan restaurant. We got to eat outdoors in this really fun cabanas where my feet were eaten by mosquitos. However, the food was soooo good and it was totally worth it!

Friday night I went out for dim sum (specialty chinese food) with Justine and Kate and it was very sunny when we left, but as we were eating, big clouds came and it began to absolutely downpour. My poor feet got so wet and sandy on the walk home, but it didn’t matter because all of us were too soaked to care! We came back and gave the rest of the group big wet hugs!!!

Saturday morning we went to the Houston Zoo. It was a fun morning out with the girls and on the way home we walked through the park across from Rice but I must have stepped on an ant hill or something because I felt something stinging my one foot and I looked down and ants were crawling all over and they were biting my foot–ow! Luckily we were able to make it to Target to buy some itch cream so my feet were feeling much better when we went to a Motown concert in the park that night. The show was incredible (Dad, you would have LOVED it!) and it was a really relaxing evening.

Monday morning I went for a run on the track that goes all the way around Rice University. Must have gotten a little carried away or else was wearing the wrong socks because when I got home, I discovered a lovely blister on the back of my foot. Good run. Bad consequences.

Later that afternoon we went shopping at the Galleria, which is this HUGE mostly high-end mall on the other side of Houston where we met up with some girls from Houston that we met in our program. The shopping was lovely and I was able to save the budget and refrain from buying most of the cute stuff I saw there! On the train ride there, however, I stepped on a thumbtack that was on the sidewalk by the train which went through my shoe and poked me in the bottom of the foot. Ow again.

Since it was my roommate’s and my turn to cook dinner for the group on Monday night and it was our turn to cook, we decided to try out our grilling skills and make a delicious chicken and vegetable dinner (marinated in italian dressing of course, Dad) for our friends. It was a huge success and the weather was perfect for grilling! The only downside was that while preparing the food, I stubbed my toe on the counter in the kitchen and the toenail of my big toe fell off. At this point, my poor feet were just used to the abuse, so I barely noticed haha!

Well I’ve gotta go. These little feet need to get their walking shoes on because we are headed to a Houston Astros game tonight! Only 2 dollars to get in!!! Should be lots of fun : )

Thanks for reading! Check back soon!


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