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Houston, we have a speech problem

Since my last blog was titled “for my mommy” I suppose it would be fair to call this one “for my daddy.” I have had a request to talk about my summer plans, so here I go-

This summer I will be flying to Houston, Texas for 9 weeks for a medical research internship program at the Texas Medical Center. Augustana has been involved in this program (TMC-SRIP) for a number of years and the program keeps getting stronger and stronger.

This year, students from a wide variety of majors including Biology, psychology, business, art, and CSD will be involved in a wide variety of projects at the TMC. My particular assignment is in the Head and Neck cancer unit of MD Anderson Cancer Center, which is a part of the TMC complex. I will be working with a psychologist and some speech pathologists doing clinical work and research with head, neck, and throat cancer patients. I haven’t ever done work in this area before, so I am definitely excited for a new world to be opened up to me.

I am all kinds of emotions at once right now. Finals are finally starting to slow down, so the stress/panic/freaking out emotion has subsided and the excitement is starting to set in. I know it is going to be an incredibly life-changing experience and I hope to work hard, play hard, learn as much as possible, and make the most out of my summer. After all, when else am I going to get the chance to spend weeks surrounded by the most current medical research and best doctors in America????

Only a few more days until I leave. Band rehearsals and events before graduation are taking up a lot of my time, but eventually I’ll start packing and be ready to go by Sunday afternoon so I can fly out Monday morning!

Stay tuned for more updates from Houston!!!


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