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Freshmen Year!!!

Its week 8 of my last trimester as a freshmen here at Augustana.  I know its totally cliche to say how time has flown by…BUT IT HAS!!! It seems like just yesterday I was hauling my clothes up the stairs of Erikson wondering how this year was going to go.  Like most freshmen I had my fears of not making friends right away, fitting in, or succeeding in my classes.  I soon realized that here at Augustana, my fears were nonsense.  Even though we only have about 2500 students, it seems like I go to a huge state school.  I have met so many friends that  I know will last a lifetime.  There was so many opportunities to fit in with different groups….if its through joining different clubs, sports teams, organizations, or pledging for a Greek group.  The opportunities are infinite.  To this day I am still making friends I wish I would have earlier in the year.  Yes, school was hard but it’s college what do you expect; however, it was not impossible.  I had plenty of free time to get my studies done and still have time to hang with friends and participate in different things and still had time left over.  It is all about time management, which you learn very quickly.  Now it’s crazy to think that tonight I am choosing my room for next year and tomorrow my classes!  Most people would be thinking that they can’t wait for summer, which I am don’t get me wrong, but I cannot wait until next school year starts to be back with everyone I met this year.  Well its time to get back to paying attention in class haha until next time…..

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