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Doughnuts and wedgies

Due to popular demand, I am writing a blog for the week! And boy, did I ever pick a bad week to not keep up with blogging. To begin, this week has already presented many concerns that I’ll have to worry about in the future with classes and jobs for both the present and near future. To ease the stress of these facts of life, me and my roommate, Helen, decided that we needed a little evening pick-me-up. A craving for a deep fried dough substance that could not be ignored struck both of us around 8 in the evening on Monday night. Generally, when our cravings are actually carried out, this means that we aren’t in the most coherent state of mind. Naturally, you can expect impulsive purchases and wild laughter wherever we go. On this particular day, our mutual love of doughnuts directed us to the local Hy-vee where we were hoping to find a single glazed cake delicacy. Unfortunately, they stopped selling single doughnuts around 6 or so. We were forced to purchase large bags of multiple doughnuts because of this misfortune. It was not the highest moment in my life; carrying a bag of doughnuts and picking a wedgie in front of at least 15 people on my way into Swanson. Those are the moments that I realize my shame has gone from little to none, but am still proud to be me.

The AD’s competition was this last weekend and that was a little bit more than we bargained for this year. Being in charge of the competition proved to be a challenge along with going up against big-time advertising schools in the Midwest. I can safely say this without jinxing myself now, but I don’t think one more thing could have gone wrong before we left. The posters couldn’t be made bigger than a playing card due to an operator error, t-shirts couldn’t be made due to time constraints, and our video footage to make a commercial for the campaign literally disappeared into oblivion. Never to be seen again…or seen in the first place. We stayed positive for the most part. Our presentation went very well, and everyone had their parts memorized with minimal mess-ups. We had a very successful trip and everyone learned a lot from the other campaigns. It’s an honor to go up against some of these schools, but a little scary to know that these amazingly talented people are my competitors for jobs in a year.

In addition to finishing with a very busy and successful AD’s season, I’ve been planning for my summer and senior year. The plan is still to work for the Putnam museum and we’re working on getting the hours in order. I just registered for my senior year fall schedule, and I’m terrified. The next fall that I see after that will be out in the real world. That means no homecoming, and no beautiful Augie scenery. I’m getting a little ahead of myself, but I feel like the general worry is normal for this time in my life. All I can do is anticipate and be prepared for anything.

I’ve been laying out my life as much as I can while still trying to enjoy the last part of my junior year. I’ve made a conscious effort to stress less and enjoy my friends and this time in my life. It’s going by way too fast, but I’m filling my time with pleanty of good stories!

PS – Kaj, I am becoming a better drawer 😉

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