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Ice Cream WORLD RECORD????

Guess what?!?!?!?

Next Tuesday, May 20th, everyone in the Augustana Community and the surrounding area will have the chance to be involved in setting a world record right here on our campus!!!

At 5:30pm on the football field, we will be forming (hopefully) the world’s longest ice-cream licking chain. We need to have more than 2500 people in attendance to set the record. That means if every single Augie student showed up, we could do it! What I did not realize is that forming an ice cream chain means you will not be licking your own ice cream, but rather will be licking the person’s ice cream who is next to you. Kinda weird, but for a world record, I’m willing to try anything.

This world record attempt is being held in combination with the premiere of Augustana’s very own Whitey’s ice cream flavor created in commemoration of Augustana’s 150th anniversary this year! If you want to read the details, check out the ice cream page on the Augie website.

I am so excited for this I can hardly contain myself!!! Hope to see you there!!!!!!


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