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Why don’t we just dance?

Last night wasn’t my typical Friday night. The CSD department hosted a “Spring Fling” dance for all of our middle school-high school aged clients and it was a TON of FUN! We had “pamper time” in the clinic beforehand where the girls came to get their hair, nails, and makeup done by some of us CSD majors, and then headed over to the carriage house where we danced the night away doing fun dances like the macarena, cha-cha slide, and lots of others. We also had a limbo competition, karaoke, and all the kids got to take home a little goody bag. It is so much fun getting to interact with our clients outside of clinic. I definitely think this will become a yearly tradition.

If you’re looking for a way to kill about 3 minutes, you should definitely check out the “Tuition Free Day” video on the Augie website. It tells a little bit about what some kids at Augustana, yours truly included, have been up to this term and will be doing this summer.

This morning a couple friends and I went to help plant at “Augie Acres, which is a large garden maintained by the college. Some of the crops harvested are send to dining services to be used in the cafeterias, and some of the crops are sent to a local food pantry to be used to feed hungry people in the area. Our job today was to put newspaper between rows of strawberries and brussel sprouts to try to keep the weeds from coming up. It was a lot of fun and ended with a nice barbeque lunch and those delicious Augustana cookies!

Well the sun is shining and its killing me to be inside, so I’d better get going. Only 5 more weeks left in the term. Eeeek!


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