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Why I hate (and love) Easter

At Augie, we are lucky to have an extended Easter break. We have both Friday and Monday off, making it a nice long 4-day weekend. I tend to find that Easter weekend is both a blessing and a curse.

I made it home Saturday in time for a nice long nap and a quick run-through of church music for the next day with my dad before carrying on my lifelong tradition of dying Easter eggs the night before Easter. Easter eggs, for me, are bittersweet. I love coloring them, but I get frustrated when they don’t turn out the way I want them to and I get impatient waiting for the colors to develop. I love the idea of the Easter bunny coming and hiding the eggs and then hunting for them when I get home from church in the morning. But when it actually comes around to it, I HATE EASTER EGG HUNTS. The thing is, my Easter bunny abides by the rule that as the children get older, the hiding places should get more difficult. But after 21 years, this results in the eggs being almost impossible to find! After about 3.5 minutes of searching, I get frustrated and start yelling profanities as I storm around the house still wearing my flowery Easter dress. This isn’t the first year this has happened, and my mother, bless her heart, foresaw my struggle and asked me if I still wanted the bunny to hide the eggs this year. Well it’s tradition, and I’m kind of a stickler about certain holiday traditions, so I told her I did. Luckily, after rupturing a few blood vessels and severely bruising my forehead from banging it against the wall, my little brother bailed me out and found the rest of the eggs for me. I guess he’s good for something sometimes.

Aside from the traumatic experiences associated with the dreaded egg hunt, my Easter weekend has been pretty chill. I stuck around school on Friday and got in some quality bonding time with Ana on an empty campus (See her blog, “Ghost Town”) and got a little cleaning and homework done. The weather on Saturday was gorgeous and I got to get a little horseback riding in at camp on a beautiful spring day, which always puts me in good spirits. As usual, my family provided a majority of the music for our church services this morning and our brass ensemble decided that one of the hymns really needed some extra percussion, so we stole some pans and cooking utensils from the kitchen and surprised the organist by adding a little ruckus to the 9:00 service, which was a good time. After a lunch with my aunt, uncle, and cousins, my day has been spent watching the gameshow network with my mother and writing my Honors Capstone paper (don’t be too fooled by the “break” part of “Easter break”). Tomorrow we’re going shopping, then I’ll be back to school before I know it.

The first day back to school after Easter break is the infamous “Muesday,” a Monday schedule on a Tuesday (but still with a Tuesday clinic schedule) where everyone runs around really confused all day. Always guaranteed to be a good time.

Hope you all had a blessed Easter and found some time to experience the joy that overwhelmingly pervades this sometimes stressful holiday. I know I did.

God Bless,

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