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Ghost town

Faster than I could even blink my eyes, we have reached Easter break. So much has led up to week four this year. The last two weeks were chaotic, but incredibly rewarding for me. I pulled the first all-nighter of the term during week three to design our AD’s planbook. It is my current pride and joy. Thanks to a lot of Mountain Dew and amazing teammates to keep me awake during the process, it was a success. I finally staggered into bed around 10 a.m. that Friday morning and woke up around 5 p.m. Strangest start to a weekend ever.  Everyone was able to take this last week off to focus on school, which has been refreshing. After Easter break we will hit the ground running once again with our presentation preparation for Detroit. Stay tuned for that!

Most of campus left yesterday for Easter break. All that remains are a few stragglers including myself and fellow blogger/best friend/roommate, Katrina. This has given me a chance to catch up on some things like procrastinating. I have been sitting around for about 2 hours saying to myself how great it is that I have this extra time and quiet to get things accomplished. About all I have done is think about putting some laundry in the wash. Next I’ll think about getting some homework done for about another hour. This should continue until about Saturday when I leave for lovely Chicago land.

On the rare occasions that it happens, I always have such a different perspective of Augustana being on campus once everyone else has left. The amazing campus that I love is still here, but the great feeling seems to go with the people. It’s strange going on my run through the quad and not seeing any firmiliar faces. It has made me realize that the things  I really love about this school are the relationships that I have made and the home that I have created here. The campus truely lights up when my peers come back from a long break or short break. Until then, I think I’ll use this time wisely to get some much needed cleaning done.

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