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Wait Wait I need to Catch my Breath!

So Spring term met me at my door, after I got back to campus from spring break (aka winter break part 2) took me by the hand and started running, and I have been trying to play catch up ever since. Its already week three and it seems like the days are blending in with one another. My middle name is procrastination, so I have been getting a big healthy dose of time management 101.

One of the biggest things stress to me and everyone else who went through the rush and formal process of Greek Life, was the fact that if not already learned, we would learned how to manage our time, or fall apart; and they were 1000% right. With everyday classes and their course load, pledging (Go Rho Nu Delta), Choir, working, keeping ties with the home, and trying to fit in workouts, there was a time I thought I needed to hire a secretary to keep me on task. Who would inform of what I should be doing, and at what time. (If anyone is interested in the position please leave a comment with contact info jk)

.I believe that protestation is a gene you’re born with and it must have been a dominate trait in both my mother and father cause I procrastinate just as much as I breathe.Its not that I was bad a managing time, I just like to take my time with everything I do. But being so busy and having so much to do in one day, has given me a appreciation of using my time wisely and taking full advantage of each hour in everyday. I still procrastinate cause I can’t help that and being a college student I’m slowly forgetting what sleep is, but my time management skills have improve greatly and will only get better!

Being so busy one thing I began forgetting to do (only for a couple days) was take time for myself. whether it is taking a short nap, reading a book for pleasure watching a favorite TV show, or YouTube video, or my personal thing listening to my top 3 favorite songs. You have to take time to give your self a rest and then jump back in. If not you will find yourself dazed, confused, and all out of sorts.

If you need a way to relax listen to one of my favorite songs  The Point of it All

Goal of the Week: Take time out for a rest don’t overload.

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