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What time is it?!

Hello all! I realize it has been a while since I have blogged (and so has Eric Page, apparently) so let’s see if I can try and catch you up. It’s already week 2 of spring term ‘010. I know. I don’t know when that happened either. Spring term has started off with a violent and glorious bang. I came back from break early to interview and receive a summer internship with the Putnam Museum in Davenport. It sounds like an amazing opportunity and I think it will be a lot of fun! I will be doing event planning and marketing in an environment that seems to fit me very well. Not to mention, I’m a huge museum nerd and I now get to spend every day in one for the whole summer! It’s working with non profit, which has been something that I have been looking to get involved with for a while now. I was worried about this financially, but Augustana has some great grant opportunities for non profit work to help me out over the summer. That has been a huge orangutan off of my back. I now get to enjoy my spring term knowing that I have summer taken care of.

As I stated, and anyone could realize anyway, spring is here and you can tell on Augie campus. Not only are the birds chirping, the grass growing, the random children throwing soggy leaf and mud balls by the slough, but it is AD’s season. The team has hit the ground running with our revolutionary idea to present to State Farm. It seems to happen every year where we think we are ahead before spring break, but then we come back to realize that we need to get our rears into gear fast. We’ve been working very hard and are ready to give Detroit a run for its’ money.

Classes are going great! I have this habit of enrolling in random classes that don’t really pertain to my life, so this term I decided to go with figure drawing 103. As you may remember, I am a Speech Comm major. You may be asking yourself, can this girl draw too?! The answer is no; I can not draw to save my life. These are quite possibly the most humorous 2 hour segments of my current life. All of my other classes are amazing! I have great teachers and class always seems to go by so fast.

I can’t get enough of what life has to offer me. The weather is beautiful, and I’m soaking up every second of every day. The warm days are just making me want to get into mischief, but I’m trying to stay out of trouble. I’ll try anything once!

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