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Katrina’s Awesome Day

So, I had an awesome day today. True story.

For starters, it was the first day of clinic for this term and I got to meet my new client and reconnect with a returning one, which is always exciting!

In other news- the rats came today!!! During my work shift in the psych department, the new lab rats arrived at Augie and I helped move them into their new homes. It is now my responsibility to feed and water them every day, play with them, and generally look out for their well-being. I know, its kind of a weird job but I’m so excited about it! (Just ask my roommates–I won’t shut up about the rats).

And last but not least, I gave the first of my presentations for my honors capstone project today. I have been working on putting together a presentation on language development for teenage/low-income moms and got to present it this evening. I thought it went really well and it was rewarding to be able to share my knowledge with people who can use it in their everyday lives. I had a fundraiser on Sunday to raise money for this organization and it was a huge success! Lots of families came. I will be donating the money to this organization so they can buy new educational DVDs for the moms to watch. A lot of theirs are outdated and boring, so hopefully this will improve the program. Our CSD student organization also donated money to buy childrens books for the families, which I had a lot of fun shopping for this weekend!

Well, homework calls! I’m going to go back to drinking my Teavana tea and hitting the books!

Thanks for checking in!


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