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Can you say busy!!!

So I know its been awhile, but I have been extremely busy!!!  So first I had finals for last term, which took up most of my day and when I was not studying I had track, which I love going to.  Its such a nice way to hang out with the guys, get in a good work out, relieve some stress, and just get away from all the crazy days.  Then we went on our spring break, which I only got a week of because of track.  We had track conference at North Central college the first week of break.  That was really fun because it was a great time to hang with all the track guys and show what all our hard work this indoor season paid off.  Just one short week after that and were back at school already.  You would think that coming back you would start slow and kind of ease into the trimester, NO!!! Right away the first night we had pledging for those of us who are in Greek life.  Its every night from 830-1130 and its great.  I cant tell you what we do, but its a great opportunity to join a brotherhood that you will have forever.  Along with that, I still have track every night for 2 hours and school work on top of it.  All in all I’m obviously staying busy and loving every second of it.  By doing so it makes the term go by so much quicker and makes it a lot more fun.  Well, until next time…….


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