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Kathy, Me, Kristina and Celetha at Informal Rush :)

“Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow
Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead
Just walk beside me and be my friend.”
~ Albert Carnus

I have not updated this in a while! Today was the last day of classes for winter term and I have finals next week. I have been very busy as usual. I hope that finals go well!

Here are some brief updates about my life. We decided to drop out of the Regional Tournament for Mock Trial. I was very upset but we weren’t prepared and it was hard for everyone to be committed while balancing all their other priorities. We are going to have a scrimmage against Ambrose and get prepared for next year.

We had Informal Rush and Formal Rush which was really fun!  I really enjoyed meeting all the girls. After break, we will start pledging for five weeks. I can’t wait to meet my new little sister 🙂 My big sister’s name is Cheryl and she is amazing. She really is the big sister that I never had.

I was on the local news for President Obama’s State of the Union address!! I was really proud because I had never been on TV before. It was really interesting to hear what the President had to say. My friend Jonathan invited me. His brother is running for Rock Island County Clerk and I will be helping with his campaign. I won’t consider myself someone who is extremely involved with politics but, I am very excited to become more involved. Plus, I think he will do a great job!

My grandparents are still in the hotel because of the fire at their house. They are hoping to be out of there by the beginning of March. It isn’t the most exciting place to be for 3 or 4 months but, I am just happy that they are safe. I can’t wait to go home and see my family! My sister had her turnabout dance this past weekend and I wish I could have been there.

During break, I hope to relax, work on some stuff to give to my new “little sister”,visit one of my friends at her college and possibly go to the Wisconson Dells! I can’t wait to take some time off, and get ready to do well for Spring Term. Wish me luck on finals 🙂

<3 Kar

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