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Life…with a smile

By demand from my loving father, here is a brief recount of the highlights from my last few weeks. Hold on to your pants- its been a wild ride!

-Visited my roommate Anna’s hometown for her 21st birthday at the end of winter break. Let’s just say her 70-something-year-old great aunt ended up dancing on the bar. Hilarious family and we had so much fun!

-Started dating a new boy and now we’re pretty much inseparable. Our favorite activities include sliding down staircases in large rubbermaid tubs, memorizing rap songs and singing them in the car, and shooting each other with nerf guns.

-Hosted 3 high school students overnight for the Augustana Honor Band Festival. They were hilarious and reminded me how much fun it was to be fifteen. I also introduced them to the song Yeah Toast by Heywood Banks.

-Finally got approval from the Rock Island Public Health Department to start data collection for my honors capstone project. That means that this week I’ll be going to meetings for a program that helps teenage moms and moms from low income families learn how to take care of their babies. I’ll be asking them about the program and then teaching a few sessions about communication-related issues. SO EXCITED!!!

-Clogged at 2 retirement centers, an admissions visit day, and the Mr. Augustana male beauty pageant last weekend. It was an exhausting weekend, but we made so many people smile, it was totally worth it.

-Ate at Cold Stone on Friday night. Cake batter ice cream, cookie dough, and Oreos is the best combination EVER!!!

-Got accepted to the Texas Medical Center Summer Internship Program in Houston for this summer. This means I’ll be spending my summer doing research at the MD Anderson Cancer Center and hanging out with cowboys.

-Working on organizing a reunion for the teenage girls I worked with at camp for the past two summers. They have been begging me for a get-together and its finally going to happen this weekend, so that is guaranteed to be a good time!

-Jazzercising with the local middle-aged women in the mornings and some afternoons. I’m the youngest one in the class by about 10 years, but I love it. A good excuse to get my groove on : )

-oh and I go to class sometimes, too.

Hope you’re all staying warm and cozy! If you ever need a smile, a chocolate, a witty comment, or a pack of string cheese, you know where to find me!

<3 Katrina

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