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Ice Ice Baby

Hey all, I know been a while since I have updated a post I know, but hopefully this story will make up for my lack of blog posts!

So like most of my fellow first year class mates, I learned the hard way the reason Augustana sells ice cleat covers for your shoes during the winter. When I first received the email and saw the posters around the campus I laughed, and I thought the ideal of buying cleats for my shoes was lame and ridiculous. Thus my close minded thinking would be my down fall literally!

Wednesday and Thursday of this week the area of Rock Island experienced frozen rain and the hilly campus of Augustana was covered in a fair amount of ice. There was so much ice that hell froze over and Augustana cancelled classes after 2:00 on Wednesday and delayed classes till 10:30 on Thursday! Although neither cancelation effected my classes it was still nice to know that when the campus is covered in ice, they put the safety of students first.

So I’m walking from my history class to Westerlin trying to get out of the cold wet weather and get to my dorm and just chill. While on my way I had a few close calls, the first being after I reached the top of Olin stairs i tripped but graciously recovered. For some reason i didn’t put on my Timberland boots, but instead I went with a pair of gym shoes, so I already knew I was at a disadvantage when it came to walking on the ice covered ground. My mind set was in the wrong place, instead of being like the turtle who believed slow and steady wins the race, I was focused on getting out the rain. So I reach the corner of the BCH (Black Culture House) and I knew Westerlin was in my sights, it was smooth sailing from that point, all I had to do was cross the street walk done the Westerlin pathway and I would be safe. Unfortunately things didn’t go that way, as I crossed the street from the corner of the BCH there was a patch of ice waiting on the other side. I saw the ice and I had a feeling that this wasn’t going to go well, and I was right,  my right foot touched slipped on the ice, and took the rest of my body down with it. Luckily the only person to witnessed this embarrassing and humbling moment was a nice old man in a van, who rolled down his window and asked if I was ok.

I cant help but believe that if I owned a pair of Ice cleats that, this wouldn’t have happen. I guess it really is true that sometimes to the only way a person learns is through the hard way, and my fall was pretty hard.

Goal of the week: Make sure you watch your step!

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