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Cracking the case

As many of you may not know, Augustana has recently (and I mean recently!) started a mock trial team. When I read an email explaining that Augustana was going to start a mock trial team my mind did not even consider the fact that I had no time to do so. I hit reply and explained my high school experience and how those days on the stand gave me the most thrilling experience I had ever had. As you may remember from my last blog, I have joined said team and have prepared myself for the most labor intensive two months of my college career. So here we are. I spend my free time reviewing affidavits and reviewing courtroom etiquette. I have been placed as a defense attorney for our expert witness, even though my high school experience includes playing the defendant.

The trials will be held Feb. 18th, and we could not be any less prepared. You see, at Augustana we  like the thrill of a challenge. So, where most schools have been studying the case study since August, we have just begun to peel back the mind-numbing pages. How’s that for an underdog? Not only do we practice once a week, but we are meeting outside of meetings and studying our separate sides that we have been assigned. We are reading law books on rhetoric, analysis and forming clear arguments out of your evidence. The dedication and ambition of this team is what made me want to commit what free time I had to the cause. We discussed the fact that we were at a great disadvantage, but no one gave that a second glance. We started the team to compete and to do the best job that we could and that is what we’re going to do. If you want the next blockbuster, heart-felt movie I have a feeling that this might fall into consideration. Everyone is terribly busy, but I don’t think anyone cares. We are there not only for members, but to support one another and to learn something. We are coming together for one purpose: to practice law and take names.   

Stay posted and stay classy, Augustana!

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