A window inside life at Augustana College

Who woulda thought?!

So, apparently you can’t do more things than there are hours in the day. I am learning this the hard way. Imagine a mega advertising, web designer, lawyer, student girl. Welcome to my life. I have realized that this is the only time in my life that I will be able to try all of these new things and be a part of the clubs that I love, but have nothing to do with anything I am pursuing in a career. Unfortunately, I only have 4 years at our lovely Augustana so I am forced to fit all of my goals into these two tiny years that I have left. I am perpetually bus. Truth be told, I think I try to be this way. I enjoy filling my time with these activities that run my life and seem to consume every free second I have. I fall asleep thinking about advertising and murder cases now, but it seems to comfort me. If there is one thing that it has helped me realize, it’s that I am incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to be busy and slightly overwhelmed. My friends always ask me if there is anything that I could drop when I explain my schedule, but there is honestly nothing on my list that I could bare to sacrafice. I love everything that I am doing right now. While it might be exhausting for the moment, they are the things that I am going to look back on and smile. It makes me enjoy the time that I have to share with my friends even more because I can appreciate how precious time is for everyone. While there may not be a lot of those hours, I’m fnding time to stay sane and to love life. While I may have more to do than there are hours in the day, I’m making an effort to prioritize and enjoy myself in the most interesting time of my life.

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