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In Loving Memory

Life at times can seem so predictable and constant. Without realizing it you get so comfortable and set in a routine, you come to expect certain things; because you have forgotten how fast life can throw you an unexpected curve ball. From materiel things to people, we come to expect that when we get ready for them that person or thing we be waiting for us. So we put off things not realizing that life and its counter part death waits for no one.

It didn’t cross my mind for one second that I would get a phone informing me of the sudden death of my 21 year old friend, Ibrahim Olatunmbi. The epitome of a person who wore their heart on their sleeves, Ibrahim was one of the kindest and selfless people to walk the face of the earth. From spending his lunch break to to get food for others and as a result not having time to eat himself, or getting off of work and getting stopped by people working in the drive-up asking him to run to the Dairy Queen across the street before he left for home he did it. Even when it was clear he didn’t want to do it, he did because that’s what made him who he was. He was one of the funniest people I have ever known, and it wasn’t the force funny; stupid jokes to get attention. It was the natural this is my personality funny, even when it became annoying you couldn’t help but to laugh because he was laughing, even when he was serious it was funny especially when he got mad. He also had a way with the ladies although he pretended not too, but any guy who on Valentines day goes and buy roses to hand out to all of his female co-workers knows what he is doing!

There was a certain innocents and pure quality he had that few people do. He liked everyone no matter who they were, even when they didn’t deserve it, he was polite and respectful. He was genuine  in everything he did, he wasn’t the type of person who did things for show or recognition. Making people happy made him happy, and as a result he set out to do that everyday of his life. There isn’t one person who could have known him whether it be through mutual acquaintance or on a personal level who life wasn’t changed, like very few people he had that affect.

Life is funny that way, just when you least expect it, your thrown  a curve ball and at a lost for words. They say the good die young, and if ever that statement had merit it would be in this case. Ibrahim was one of the most specail people I have had the pleasure of knowing, and because I got so comfortable and thought life was so predictable, like so many others I didn’t get the chance to tell him that. I would like to believe he knew that but in all actuality he probably didn’t. Why because I didn’t take all the opportunities I had to do so, and for that I am sorry.

Goal of the Week: Don’t forget how short life can be, that one thing that you have continually put off do it!

In Loving Memory of Ibrahim Olatunmbi!

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