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Week 5!!!

Wow…thats all I can say!!!!  Having fall break and then thanksgiving break in a matter of about three weeks is so nice, but then as soon as your back, it seems like all the teachers are trying to fit EVERYTHING in before we go on break.  I can understand that having a big break makes the scheduling difficult, but do all the teachers have to give it at the same time???  To make matters worse, we just got a lot of snow last week, and if anyone is like me, that means its time to ski and snowboard!!  It’s is so hard to do homework when all you want to do is go out and play in the snow.  The sad thing is I can’t.  I have to sit inside all week and finish all the homework that is assigned.  In the long run, it’s all worth it though.  We get three weeks off of school for christmas break and we all hopefully get the chance to go home and see our families and relax.  Well its time to go do some more homework!!  Tis the season, right….

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