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Tis the Season

The first day back from Thanksgiving break is always a special day for Ana and me. Since freshman year, this is the day that we have put up our Christmas decorations in our dorm rooms. It is always a very festive occasion, with Christmas music playing in the background and usually we don’t wear pants. We put up our fiber-optic Christmas tree with all of its multicolored decorations and finish it off with a light-up star on top. Ana typically gets electrocuted by a strand of lights while I lovingly assemble my nativity scene, always saving the baby Jesus for last. This year we were able to share our Christmas routine with our 4 other roommates and it was a splendid evening indeed.

The whole campus is getting into the spirit of Christmas, especially the music department as we gear up for the Christmas at Augustana concerts this weekend. Our instruments are tuned, our voices warmed, and Dr. Culver even has a Santa hat for the occasion. If you are planning on coming to the concert, I think you will really enjoy it. If you aren’t, well then you won’t. My grandparents are making a special trip from South Dakota to see the show, and I’m sure it will be well worth their journey.

Call me dorky, but I really love the whole Advent season. The whole season is dedicated to just waiting and preparing, two things I typically don’t do a whole lot of. I will celebrate in many ways at Augustana this season- this weekend’s concert, the performance of the Messiah, Lessons and Carols, the Joy of Christmas in Andover, and even our Christmas party for our speech clients, all the while preparing for the coming of Christ. I wish you the most peaceful of Decembers and hope you take a little time to sit back, wait, prepare, and just take it all in.


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