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My First Time!

So I have lived in Aurora, IL my entire life, until this past August when I moved to the Rock Island area to come to Auggie. And for the first time over fall break I had my first train ride to Chicago. For those of you who don’t know Aurora is only like 45 minutes away from, thirty depending on who’s driving, and while I have been there a countless number of times; it is always been via a car. So Meggan  one of my close friends from high school (and facebook wife lol) and I decided to go to UIC and visit some friends of ours for the weekend. She informed me that we would be traveling by train and I have to admit I was really excited. We met at the metra station in Aurora bought our tickets and boarded the train and my first train ride was under way.

I have to admit it wasn’t as thrilling as thought it would be, not like a first plane ride or getting on the Tower of Terror in Disney World for the first time but an experience none the less. Probably the most interesting thing about the ride were the other passengers on the train. From the group of kids who looked like they were skipping school for the day, the creepy guy across from of us, who every so often would glance at Meggan (haha), and the creme of the crop a thirty something women in pig tails who boarded the train with a baby doll and comb in hand; who for the first half of the train ride combed the doll hair, and the second half took out a laptop and typed a paper, all very interesting characters.

My weekend in Chicago was a blast. Got to see some friends who I hadn’t seen since for a long time and take a tour of the UIC campus which is really cool by the way. We spent a lot of  time in the down town area. As a result I experienced my first Chicago subway ride, which take away the smell of poop wasn’t that bad. We spent some time in Millennium Park, where my friend Zach and I decided to make up an impromptu scavenger hunt for Meggan and Krista with the two of us waiting at the end. A long with other things I will choose not to mention that weekend was great!

My first train ride along with others things was defiantly one of the highlights of my fall break. And to top it all off, on our way back  we saw actress Jane Lynch (from the TV show Glee and movie Role Models) which was too cool. A weekend I will never forget! Cant wait to do it again.

Goal of the week: Do something you have never done before.

Meggan and me on the train.

My first train ride my second train ride

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