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Guilty pleasures

I realized that I am weird. I enjoy weird things and do not think or act as a normal person would. I have been noticing this more and more as I grow, or whenever I just take time to stop and think about my actions or thoughts. Nothing I do seems out of the usual for me, but as I hear phrases such as “Ana…why are you sitting in the closet” more frequently, I feel that I need to take some time to stop and evaluate my psyche. I behave in a manner that seems acceptable in theory, but once acted out and evaluated seems to repel social norms. Let me give you some insight into my life.

I listen to The Final Countdown by Europe before I go to a test, an important meeting or interview, or just to motivate myself to get dressed in the morning. Do I sing along with a hairbrush or remote control? Yes. Do I punch the air to the beat in a boxer-like fashion? Yes. Do you even have to ask if I do the classic victory jump at the end? Does this make me different or strange? Yes…I mean, not necessarily. I feel that this classic jam is to me what a cup of coffee might be to your average human being. Is coffee strange? Coffee drinkers answer no, but perhaps someone who dances to The Final Countdown instead would challenge that.

I have a secret hideout underneath my bed. No one knew about it until I foolishly fell asleep under there one day and Katrina found me and ratted me out to my entire apartment. I just like to sit there and read scary stories; like my research methods textbook.  Under my bed and in the storage closet in my apartment are really the only places where I can truely focus.  Weird? I call it productivity!

I like to conduct social experiments throughout the day. Everyday. I encourage awkward situations, and many times provide the tools to create such an experience. Such as, walking directly next to strangers or fellow Augie students and keeping pace (try it sometime, it’s funny!), standing backwards in elevators, or hugging the produce managers at the local Hyvee just for being themselves.

These are just a few things that I have been told are not normal within the past few weeks. I don’t tell you these things because I intend to change my ways, or because I want you to join me in my morning rituals. I recognize them because they are the little things that help me to enjoy my life. While some of my guilty pleasures may seem out of the norm, they have helped me to meet the most amazing people and to live my life to the fullest. I encourage everyone to put themselves out there in an uncomfortable situation. Those are the situations that you learn the most from and least regret. What are you waiting for? It’s the final countdown!

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