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First Official Blog

So, apparently you can get a blog if you steal a foam core cut out of an authority figure at Augustana. Thus, my Augie Blog. Awesome!

Well it’s the first day of winter term, and everyone is glad to be back. I was actually pretty excited to start my new classes today…not as excited as a certain roommate of mine (Katrina) who was so ecstatic that she managed to missed the first day of class. Apparently, something more interesting than CSD was playing on MTV. I actually felt like the responsible one for a change. Granted, I was late to my only class of the day, but who’s keeping track (besides the teacher)? Great start to the term, I know!

I would like to give all of you loyal readers a little information about myself before you decide that I am a credible inside source. I am the most sarcastic person that you will ever meet, so if you think you are picking up hints of sarcasm in my blogs, you are. I am obsessed with advertising. Ask anyone, I’m sure my friends would tell you how thrilled they are that I talk about it non-stop. I hope to join the field, and already have my foot in the door working with a local agency and as an executive director on my Advertising Developers team. I don’t like taking life too seriously, and have a tendency to get myself into odd situations because of this. Sound a little bit like a sitcom introduction? Well it shouldn’t, because this is real life. Stay posted America, Ana Mullin has a blog!

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